External Links / Collaborators

Arnot Research & Consulting


 We conduct scientific research and applied research to evaluate  chemicals for their potential harmful effects to humans and the  environment through chemical hazard, exposure and risk assessment. 

Health & Environmental Sciences Institute


 Developing science for a safer, more sustainable world.



An Industry-funded, scientific, not-for-profit think tank, strives to  enhance the quality and reliability of science-based chemical risk  assessment. 

US EPA ExpoBox Tool


EPA’s EXPOsure toolBOX (EPA ExpoBox) is a toolbox created to assist  individuals from within government, industry, academia, and the general  public with assessing exposure. It is a compendium of exposure  assessment tools that links to guidance documents, databases, models,  reference materials, and other related resources. 

OECD Environmental Risk Assessment Toolkit


This toolkit gives access to practical tools on environmental risk assessment of chemicals. 

ECHA Information Toolkit


This webpage gives practical information and tools in relation to help  in using of existing information and non-test methods (i.e. predictions)  as a first step to meeting REACH information requirements.